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If it's your first time here, I hope you'll spend some time getting to know me and the music I've been gifted to share with you.  Check out my YouTube Channel for some good stuff.  

Singer / Songwriter

I believe that everyone has a story to tell and the voice to tell it.  Only limited by the confidence in their own abilities to relay that story to the masses.  I like to say it's a gift we all have, we just have to open it up and take it out of the box and receive it.  

I've pushed many who were standing on the edge of the stage onto the stage because of this belief in them.  

I believe you can, you will, and you'll carry on this process to the next by encouraging them to believe in themselves.   

So believe in yourself, but more importantly "Seek the Truth" in all things and the truth shall set you free. 


I love being a creator.  I hear and see things that I write down, practice and then bring to life in both audio and video format.  I like to help people imagine the unimaginable. Here's a few samples of that very concept brought to life. 

Check out the videos here.  Subscribe to my channel for updates. 

wow - Ministry


WOW - Walks on Water!  I was a self proclaimed atheist for more than 35 years before I discovered the truth concerning Jesus Christ.  I'm now a no-doubt believer in Jesus Christ being who He claimed to be...the Son of God!  

I'm not one to try to convince anyone to believe as I do, I would rather you do the research and find this truth on your own.  The issue is, just like the gift of music, if you don't believe you can receive it, you are correct.  If you'll open your hearts and minds to the possibilities of new concepts and truths, you will discover that Jesus Christ was either the greatest sales guy ever, the best liar and deceiver ever created, or He is who He said He is...the Son of God Almighty.  

My Story


I find it funny that the Lord uses the worst of the worst to relay His message of Grace.  Once you hear my story of rebellion and the hell I've made it through unscathed because of Grace, I believe it will shed light on this truth I speak of.   Make your own decision, but first do the work to uncover the truth.     

Your Church


I'm not one for "Feel Good" ministry.  I do believe however that entertainment, laughter and music ministry can reach those who we've come to label as "unreachable".  If your church needs some fire back in it to move your flock from lukewarm to on fire, then give me a call and let's get the flame ignited.  

WQ and You


Do you write? Play? Sing?

As you know I write, play, sing and book paying gigs with various acts like the ones above.  I'm always looking to collaborate with new writers and see what happens.  If nothing more than for inspiration so if you're inspiring hit me up.   How will you ever know if you don't try?   Drop me a line, who knows what may come of it. 

Do you play gigs, have a band or do acoustic gigs?

I'm always open to picking and grinning  whenever I can.  If ever you need back up vocals, song swap partner or just want to jam and such let me know.  If I can, I will.  I've seen me do it. 

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