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Outlaw Son - We're Back!

You may have heard the news, yes Outlaw Son is back in action!  We're currently booking gigs.  Click the button below to check out what we have on the books and for updates. 

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What's the Deal?

Well, the time is just right and the stars lined up and brought us all back together.  Sure I'm still doing solo and duo shows as always but Outlaw Son takes priority as it's such a rush I can't say no.  

Wade Who?


I sing songs, I've seen me do it!


I write songs, some good, some bad, some just cause I can. 


Sometimes, when I like a song I wrote, I'll even go as far as spending money to record it.  I sing it, play it, and click the red button to record it so you can listen to it.  When I really like the song, I'll make a video of it to bring it to life.  Check out the videos here.  Subscribe to my channel for updates. 

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